iLipo Laser Fat Reduction in Naples, Florida

If you’d like to remove stubborn areas of fat from your body but don’t want to undergo surgery, iLipo may be right for you! iLipo is a non-surgical liposuction alternative that uses low-level lasers to break down unwanted body fat in targeted areas. iLipo stimulates the body’s natural fat burning processes, encouraging stored fat to be released and used as energy.

Once your laser fat treatment is complete, your medical spa specialist will prescribe post-treatment exercise that creates a demand within your body for extra energy. The iLipo treatment has already primed your fat cells to release the energy your body needs, so the stubborn fat you’ve just targeted will be used to fuel your exercise.

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* Individual Results May Vary From Person to Person.

  • Before * Individual Results May Vary After
  • Before * Individual Results May Vary After
  • Before * Individual Results May Vary After

How iLipo Works

Low levels of visible laser energy is released through treatment pads, which are applied to the area where fat is to be reduced. The laser causes fat cells to release free fatty acids through the cell membranes, which are then turned into energy through the body’s natural metabolic processes. Full treatment is usually completed in six visits, but you can see some improvement with just one treatment. The best part? iLipo treatments are non-invasive and pain-free!